New: Drawing grid

15. January 2023

I would like to introduce you to our new product. You can buy the drawing grids in A3 format as an e-book from our new webshop. This makes it easy to print out the grid when you need it.

Axonometry, isometry, perspective

Supplementary e-book to the book Drawing in Garden Design. Interesting 3D drawings can be developed with the help of perspective and isometric grids. In this supplementary e-book to the standard work “Drawing in Garden Design”, you will find grid templates and field of view diagrams to get you straight to work.

Product details
PDF document in A3 format with various drawing grids and field of vision diagrams:
Axonometric grid 30°/60°
Sectional isometric grid 60°
Sectional isometric grid 30°
Isometric grid 30°/30°
Isometric grid 15°/30°
Isometric grid 15°/15°
Transfer grid 1:100
Single-point perspective grid 1.50/8.00m horizon height with field of view diagrams
Two-point perspective grid 1.50/8.00m horizon height with field of view diagrams


15,00 € * incl. VAT. (as far as collected)

In the following video I will show you how you can develop up to 10 different 3D drawings with the documents. I explain how to use the grids in my book “Drawing in Garden Design”.
Best regards, Your Daniel Nies


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