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    Landscape Graphics – Part 2

Module 2: Isometric (EN)

The best technique for everyday life!

Webinar in English language

This easy-to-learn technique of three-dimensional representation allows you to create impressive spatial drawings of your garden idea. With the help of isometrics, you can also sketch quickly and convincingly when talking to customers.

Target audience

Students in the fields of: Garden Design, Landscape Architecture, apprentices, technician and master students in gardening and landscaping. Even though the webinar is designed for trainees and students, working professionals can join in. However, employed persons pay the regular seminar price.
I point out that the number of participants here is larger than in my other seminars, for that you get a great special price.

Learning with system and fun

I explain every single step until the finished drawing. The three cameras allow you to look at my fingers very precisely – so you can see how I do it. You’re imitating it. Simple and perfect. I also answer questions individually in the webinar. That’s what makes learning fun.

Spatially construct garden elements

At the beginning of the seminar you will learn systematically how objects are represented spatially. These include such things as seat walls, pergolas, simple structures or curved elements. Then I’ll explain how to develop three-dimensional drawings from garden floor plans and refine them graphically. Through intensive practice, you will soon be able to playfully implement the techniques presented without help.

Graphical representation

Together we now practice the graphic elaboration of vegetation, water, shore zones, pavements and buildings.
When you are comfortable with construction and drawing the lines, the garden designs are rendered. You are already familiar with various coloring techniques, such as the use of colored pencil and marker, from the “Floor Plan and Elevation” webinar. I show you how to develop different moods with the help of coloring. In a playful way, you will create plans that will appeal to your clientele in a very personal way.

Quick sketch

By the end of the seminar, you will feel confident in spatially representing simple garden situations. Then it’s time to take the next step: I’ll now show you how to use the techniques you’ve already learned for quick sketching. The most important thing here: stay loose! This creates drawings that convince with spontaneity and dynamism.

Feedback for you

You will receive ongoing individual feedback on your drawings already during the webinar. With this, you can enhance and develop yourself in the webinar. How do I do that? I create a Whatsapp group exclusively for the webinar. In this group you can put all the photos of your drawings.

The greatest thing about the webinar was getting feedback from Daniel on each drawing he created. I was able to learn a lot and apply it in the next exercise. This intensive care is unique. It is very impressive to see the progress each of the participants made over the weekend!
Henrike Houbertz

All drawing materials included

You will receive a package with materials that I also use in good time. So we all have the same prerequisites and can get started immediately.

“I would never have thought what a difference the quality and choice of materials makes in a drawing. I suddenly get by with so few but very good pencils, I wouldn’t have thought that possible. The colors from the package go together wonderfully and we have tried different color themes. I am totally thrilled. Thanks for this great compilation, I haven’t used anything else since!”
webinar attendee

Prior knowledge

Landscape Graphics – Part 1: Plan view and elevation”. The knowledge acquired there contributes enormously to the learning success in this seminar. You are not sure if your previous knowledge is sufficient? We’ll sort it out: call us, +49 (0)821 158175 or send us an email to info@zeichenwerk.de.
We assume a confident use of Zoom and Whatsapp.

30 years of experience

Hey, if there’s one thing I know, it’s that I can instill the fire of passion for drawing, and with it, drawing confidence. By the end of the seminars, all of my students have learned garden planning from idea to finished client presentation. Your customers will be delighted.

Webinar Advantages

• Carefree package – all drawing materials are sent to you
– Practical 3-day seminar concept
• Discussion of your drawings in the webinar
– Cost and time savings as no travel and hotel are required

what you need

The webinar will be conducted using Zoom. You need for the webinar:

• A notebook with integrated webcam, microphone and speakers. The bigger the screen the better.

– Join the Whatsapp group

  • The course was intense, a lot of fun and thanks to your great positive support the drawings are now much better than before. Thank you very much for the great input, all the explanations about the material and the drawing technique, and for the good humor with which you led the whole course. Great that your Zeichenwerk exists.
    webinar attendee
  • What an input in this short time – 3 days á 12 hours! And what fun it gives me! But first of all Daniel does it very sympathetically as always – he’s just a really nice guy! Secondly, the decades of experience are noticeable in every respect. Well-structured, well-organized even in advance, wonderful goodie package to get started right away, top trained in recognizing the essentials and set up with the best technology for the Zoom lessons – of course, the little funny ups are not missing. It was really useful and fun for me, Daniel, thank you!
    Marisa Kirko
  • I can only agree with the positive feedback! Was simply great! Can now approach drawing much more loosely and with ease and it makes me all the more fun!
    Students of the BoKu Vienna
  • Thanks a lot! I also loved the webinar and really learned a lot. Until next time!
    Student of the BoKu Vienna
  • I learned a lot this weekend. Plan view, elevation, isometry, to scale and pleasing to the eye. They also practiced scale and perspective rendering of garden furniture and other details of a garden. Daniel does a super good job of teaching – competent, stringent, well-organized, and with delightfully silly and un-silly break-ups in between. That´s also always necessary – with 11-12h zoom per day. It never gets boring! Many thanks to Daniel for your personable manner in guiding me to become a garden illustrator!
    Marisa Kirko
  • The seminar is simply GREAT! Thanks very much! 🙂
    Students, Leibnitz University Hannover
  • Have learned so much in the past few days. Thanks for the great course and the very fair student conditions!
    Students, University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland – Rapperswil


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