Binding sketchbooks

15. May 2022

This time I would like to show you how you can bind simple sketchbooks yourself in a short time.
The advantages are obvious: you can choose your own format and decide for yourself which papers to use.
If you would like to learn more about bookbinding or have high-quality sketchbooks made, I recommend the AltstadtBuchbinderei Augsburg by Elisabeth Zelck:

Webinar: FreeDrawing with Daniel
In this 2-day webinar, we will draw in sketchbooks bound by me. Here you will learn practical drawing techniques for urban sketching.
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Best regards and have fun trying it out,
Daniel Nies

Guest article by Henrike Houbertz: My exciting year of drawing

15. November 2021

I’m Henrike and I’m studying open space planning. This year I attended all of Daniel’s drawing modules in webinar format. My original plan was to only take the top view and view modules, I thought that would certainly be enough. But then I caught the drawing bug and enjoyed drawing so much that I completed all of Daniel’s modules one after the other. Daniel’s playful way of teaching all participants how to draw is simply great. I have made so much progress, I would never have thought it was possible.

Now hardly a day goes by without me drawing and it’s just so much fun and my drawings are really well received!

So if you sign up for one or the other course… – beware, addiction potential! 😉

Note from Daniel: You can see more drawings on Henrike’s website.

My drawings before the drawing seminars

A selection of my drawings during and after the webinars


10. September 2021

Displaying circles and sunshades in isometry is not that difficult and with a little practice you will only need a few seconds. In this video I show you some tricks to get good results quickly.
Incidentally, the 2-day webinar “Drawing gardens three-dimensionally – Module 2: Isometry” is available on isometry
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Best regards and have fun trying it out,
Daniel Nies


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